Organize, sort and search all your saved reddit posts was created to help redditors make sense of their saved posts.
With Savvit, you can now organize, filter, sort, and search all your saved posts
across multiple reddit accounts, effortlessly.

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Never lose another saved post again

Unless you constantly have Reddit Gold, your saved posts start disappearing once you have more than 1000, by using Savvit, you can make sure all your saved posts, across all your reddit accounts are safely preserved.
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Synchronize multiple accounts

Connect as many reddit accounts as you need, Savvit automatically imports and organizes all your saved posts instantly.


Cut through the clutter

Using Savvit's easy-to-use interface, you can quickly find that post you're looking for without going through dozens of pages.


Discover awesome posts

Browse through other people's saved posts to discover all of the gems reddit has to offer.
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